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Modified Conex Shipping Containers

Falcon Containers recognizes your business needs as unique to you and your company.  Through our years of experience helping a variety of industries solve a variety of business challenges, we have taken our expertise and have created a set selection of Modified Container Products - each of which has been used again and again to solve similar business challenges across multiple industries.

Our experience and expertise in particular industries has led us to develop a focused set of solutions each involving the modification and fabrication of our fleet of repurposed shipping containers.

How Do You Start Building Your Solution with Falcon?

1. Start with a Base Conex Box from our fleet of repurposed shipping containers at Falcon Containers.

2. Select one of our Four Modified Shipping Container Products:

falcon utility box  falcon cool box  falcon office box  falcon living box 

3. We offer shipping container delivery options to a variety of geographic locations across the US. Call for More information. 1-877-704-0177 

How do you Add more Conversion Options to Your Product Selection?

Falcon Containers offers the ability to build onto your base Modified Shipping Container Product with a selection of additional shipping container conversion features.

Features including additional doors of varying type including roll-up, interior painting, upgraded HVAC or flooring as well as many other conversion options are available.

See a Complete List of our additional Container Modifications.


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